Welcome to the about me section of this site..
I’ve always had a love of animals and have been around them all my life. I am by default a cat person, both big and small, having had cats since I was a child but also have a passion for foxes and equines, especially zebras.

Whilst I love to paint, I do have a day job too where I am employed at Hope Pastures which is an equine rescue centre in north Leeds. Working there is an ideal job for me as I get to be around horses all day as well as birds and other wildlife.

I hope that you like my style of painting. There are many artists out there that do a very good likeness of your pet or animal, but I also like to add an element of “art” to many of my paintings so not only are they a good likeness, they are interesting in their own right. I like to think of myself as an animal artist rather than just a pet portrait artist, not many people have lions, tigers and zebras as pets.

I first got my love of painting at school and did many drawings and paintings back then experimenting with different mediums and techniques. I then didn’t paint anything for a number of years before getting back into it in recent years. I originally started with watercolour and still enjoy it now, but my medium of choice these days is oil paint. I find that it is ideal for painting fur as it allows me to build up the layers of fur on the animal starting with the base layers and working my way through to the outer layers and highlights in the fur.

Please note that all the animals pictured on this page were at various rescue centres I have visited around the world